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Set dressed for the start of act 1

Pod 1 in the bay window in act 1

Pod 4 in act 2

The Stage Set

Our Little Shop of Horrors set has been built in our own
workshops with you in mind.


The Flower Shop part of the set is around 6m wide x 2.5m deep x 2.6 high. The bay window has a hole in it to operate Pod 1 through, the main shop door opens for access, an up stage door way with a strip curtain allows access off set, and the upstage shelf unit is removable to allow the disappearance of eaten bodies in act 2.


For the Closed For Renovation scene all the plant pots revolve manually from dead flowers to show bright new ones and the flower fridge lights up.


The act 2 foliage, 2 trucked counters and all the flower pots are supplied with the set. Practical lights work within the Bay, the flower fridge and the clock lights up and can be operated to change the time from the rear of the set.

If you have the stage space we can also supply tall brick buildings stage left and right with doorways and steps to form Skid Row, access to the Dentist’s and Audrey’s house.


We can also supply you with Dentist chairs and a props package. 

The three stages of the shop counter

Mushnik's counter for little shop of horrors set hire

Before Closed For Renovations

Mushnik's counter for little shop of horrors set hire

After Closed For Renovations

Mushnik's counter for little shop of horrors set hire

Mushniks's and son

Audrey 2 pod 3 for little shop of horrors set hire
Back cloth for little shop of horrors set and prop hire

Pod 3 in act 1

The Sky line backcloth is 24' x 13'6" 

Perfect to fly behind the shop to give some real depth to the stage. This is to be booked as an extra and is not part of the package.

The set with the stage left and right
add ons 
to form a stoop.
These add ons are extra to the
set hire

Props included in the props package:

  • All flowers and bouquets including act two set dressing.

  • Dentist chair, medical screen and picture of bad teeth.

  • Dentist gas masks (head worn and hand held)

  • Four telephones, radio and stool

  • Newspaper, horror mags and contracts.

  • Body parts and bucket.

  • Plant misters, Small watering can 

  • Rat poison, machete

  • Shop till and money.

  • Tray of small plants, broom, 

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