Calamity Jane

In the wild-west outpost of Deadwood City, 1876, we find the sharpshooting tomboy,
CALAMITY JANE surrounded by cowboys, townsfolk, and the famous Wild Bill Hickok.


After a mix-up in the talent pool at Deadwood’s saloon-theater, Calam goes to Chicago to import
to Deadwood the glamorous actress, Adelaid Adams, but returns by mistake with her maid, Katie Brown.

Back in Deadwood, Katie’s inability to perform is overcome as she wins the heart of the young Lieutenant
Danny Gilmartin, and when Calam sheds her tomboy persona at a ball at the local Fort and becomes
a true woman, she realizes that she loves Wild Bill Hickok.

Our Calamity Jane set is now available for hire.

The set is a true box set, consisting of three sections – stage left buildings, stage right buildings, and the upstage proscenium arch, which has rear access onto both sides of the Golden Garter stage, with a step down onto your main stage.


The stage left and right buildings have ground floor access through doors, one on each side, and upper level access through oversize windows via a landing and ladder.


The set has pivot points where the proscenium joins the SL and SR buildings; this allows you to open or close the angle of the set (during construction only) to give a different audience view or to allow for a wide or narrow stage.


As with all our sets, the Calamity Jane set was built in our own workshops, with the hire market in mind. It is of robust construction, and, as we always take the lead in the get-ins and get-outs, this set will reach you in first class condition.


We also have a Golden Garter 'trucked' bar with Calamity Jane’s kitchen on the reverse.   

This prop also changes into a Dressing Table

We can also provide Saddles, Tack and Rope

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