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Set now under construction

The pictures below are of the unfinished set. Updated 16/07/24


Our Charlie set is still very much under construction, it is as usual a free standing box set which needs nothing other than a flat surface to stand on. The angle of the two end flats can be adjusted to change the shape making the total width of the set range from 6.8m to a maximum of nearly 9m. The set is 4.66m high but can be reduced to 4.26m by removing the top roof section. The above workshop pictures show a width of 8m and a height of 4.66m. This is the permanent part of the set which gives you the out side of the Factory, Candy Store and the Bucket's Shack.    


The Candy Store

The Outside of the Candy Store are doors which open to reveal the inside of the store

The Bucket Shack

As above the doors open to reveal the inside of the Bucket's shack. The inside is a stand up bed which allows the actors to stand behind and eliminates the need to have a huge bed blocking up wing space that you may not have. If you are lucky enough to have wing space you can use your own bed prop and not open the doors.  

The Chocolate Room

The main Factory gates open to reveal the Chocolate Room with a Chocolate waterfall that can be walked through. With the gates open actors can gain access to the main stage from left and right.


Stage access

Stage access can also be achieved through the stage left and right brick doors. 


Nut Room

Supplied for the Nut Room are a pair of ramps an Sacks of nuts. The sacks can be placed or carried and the ramps can be put together centre stage and run over or reversed and used to exit stage left or right.



The Elevator is simply a frame for the actors can stand in, they can remain there for the duration or with a little lighting effect it can appear to be flying over the top of the factory. 


The Mixing Room

The mixing room Vat has a handle that turns , a leaver that can be used and a door where the new sweet can be retrieved from. The inflated girl is made of flat ply and can be rolled across the stage by the Umpa Lumpas


Door Frame

This simple rolling door frame can be used as an entrance to more than one scene.

SS Wonker

Picture to follow soon

TV Room

TV room currently under construction

We will also be building props for the Office, Invisible Doors, SS Wonka, TV room and the Elevator.

The Elevator will not fly but could be flown.

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