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The Big Daddy 

We took what we learned from building the Mean Green Mother and we improved the design to give you The Big Daddy! 

Our premium plant operates on exactly  the same principal as the ‘Mean Green Mother’, but it is constructed oflighter materials for more maneuverability and comfort.

POD 1:  A hand puppet with wilting leaves.  It is operated through a trap in the set.

POD 2 is performed by Seymour  through a jacket (included) with a false arm.


Please note:  The false arm pictured was a rehearsal fitting.  The puppet has a realistic fake hand attached to the pot.

POD 3 is the ‘Feed Me’ plant.  The puppeteer sits in the water-tank (pictured) and operates using both arms.

Pod 3 has great lip and jaw movement allowing the puppeteer to get the ’F’ and ‘M’ movements for the all important “Feed me!” line.  There is a slit behind the pallet that allows it to eat body parts.

POD 4 is the biggest of the plants and features throughout the entire second act.  This puppet is worn on a back pack.  The performer operates the bottom jaw and can get a large range of movement by shifting their weight and standing in different positions.


The pot has a seat and foot blocks for the puppeteer to rest between feedings.  Victims are fed through the throat and disappear between the puppeteers legs to emerge behind the plant offstage.  There is also a large tendril (operated by a second puppeteer) for Audrey grabbing and a back drop that can be fixed to your set to mask the back of the plant and freshly eaten actors!


This is the most physically demanding of the puppets.  Although it is considerably lighter than the ‘Mean Green Mother’ model it is still recommended that your puppeteer is in good shape.

Pod 3 feeding time 

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