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The Pupil Eater

The Pupil Eater is our economy plant - perfect for
smaller productions with younger performers.

We have recently refurbished the Baby plants, which accounts
for the different colour schemes.  
This plant is simple to operate and takes up less room backstage.

Pupil Eater

Pod 1:  Works as a hand puppet through a trap door in the set.  

Pupil Eater

POD 2: Is performed by Seymour using a false arm for ‘Don’t it go to show you never know’.

Pupil Eater

POD 3:  Is operated from inside using a lever system.

The plant will eat body parts at the end of the first act.

POD 4: Is the largest of the plants and ‘eats’ the entire cast in the second act! 

This puppet is operated from behind.  The cast enter the plant through the mouth and disappear through the back of the set.

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